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CONTENTS                                    UK

YOUR PRODUCT                                                                  16	T-SHIRTS
GUIDE                                                                         56	 POLO SHIRTS
                                                                              84	 SHIRTS, SWEATERS, TIES & APRONS
         NEW PRODUCTS                        KIDS                             118	SWEAT-SHIRTS
                                             Product also available           134	 FLEECES & SOFTSHELLS
         TOP ONE                             for kids                         152	 BODYWARMERS, WINDBREAKERS & PARKAS
         Products                            SOL’S BEST DEAL                  184	 PANTS, BERMUDAS & SHORTS
                                             Best deal at competitive         194	KIDS
         TWIN                                prices                           210	BEACHWEAR
         At the first glance, check           UNISEX                          216	 RUNNING, FITNESS & SOL’S TEAMSPORT
         if the color exists in both          Suitable for both men           238	 SOL’S PROWEAR
         men and women version                and women                       256	 SOL’S GENERATION ORGANIC
                                              NO LABEL READY FOR              262	TOWELLING
LARGE    LARGE SIZES                          BRANDING                        268	 CAPS & ACCESSORIES
         Product sizes from 3XL               Size tag at neck without the    286	BAGS
         (or size 52) to 5XL                  SOL’S logo, so as to make the
         (or size 56)                         personalisation easy. See page   EDITO
                                              317 for the product list.
         Selection of high value-added       ADJUSTED FIT
         products characterised by           Fitted cut
         their style and finishes

         SLIM FIT
         Close-fitting cut

         SLIM FIT                            REGULAR FIT
         Close-fitting cut                   Straight cut

                                                                                                                       SOL’S ON-LINE CATALOGUE

         ANTI PILL                            WATER REPELLENT                 Dear Partners, Dear Clients,
         Treatment for polar fleece           Water repellant products        We would like to thank you for your valuable loyalty
         to prevent pilling due               Waterproof rating               for more than 25 years and we are very proud to be
         to rubbing                           <1,500 mm                       everyday with you by offering you services and products
         EASY CARE                                                            suitable for personalization.
         Treatment aiming at                 WATERPROOF                       Our ANYWEAR by SOL’S collection is made of
         simplifying washing and             BREATHABLE                       increasingly innovative and contemporary products
         ironing. Reduces creasing           Material made waterproof         designed for all your events and activities.
         caused by wear                      and breathable                   In 2017, SOL’S continues to enhance its collection of
         WINDPROOF                                                            clothing and bags with 422 customisable products
         For fabrics made                    WATERPROOF                       including 97 Designed in Paris new items, both trendy
         wind-resistant                      Special water resistant          and essential, to meet your event, corporate, workwear,
         through coating                     process on fabrics               sports, souvenir, e-commerce and licensing needs.
                                             through coating                  SOL’S the Fair Spirit
         SUBLIMATION PRINTING                Waterproof rating                We are very proud to share our values with you. We
         Printing process for                >1,500 mm                        are more than ever committed to promote our ethical,
         polyester.                          and <10,000 mm                   social and environmental responsibilities in order to
         Prints directly into                SOFTEK                           offer you the guarantees and certifications you are
         the fibers                          INNOVATION PROCESS®              entitled to.
                                             SOL’S unique treatment           Your loyalty and trust encourage us to go ever further,
         60°C WASHABLE                       for cotton materials for         so all SOL’S teams and I want to thank you for being
                                             optimal softness                 faithfully at our side.
                                             and improved printing            We wish you a year filled with peace, solidarity and
                                              ELASTANE                        success.
                                                                              Yours Sincerely
         DRY FIT                             REVERSIBLE                       Alain MILGROM
         Quick dry                           NICKEL FREE                      Chairman

         SOFT TOUCH
         Very soft to
         the touch

         Product featuring
         a fluorescent and
         retro-reflective surface
         for high visibility during
         both day and night

         PACKING                             SIZE
         Average quantity,
         weight and size based on            The measurements
         a M or L size depending on
         the model                      A/B  A (height) and
                                             B (width) are indicated

                                             in centimeters (cm)

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