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                                                                                  EVERY DAY WITH YOU.


SOL’S is made up of women and men dedicated to your service, powerful tools and a stock of 30 million items

                                 allowing to prepare your orders in less than 24 hours

A DEDICATED                                                                    AN OPTIMISED
CUSTOMER SERVICE                                                               WEBSITE

A specific contact for each geographical area and client                       Real-time stock check for all products
• A vailability, performance and mastery in processing                        • C ustomization of our products with
 and monitoring your orders                                                     your logo in a few clicks to show
                                                                                them to your clients

   SOL’S APPLICATION                                                           • A multiple basket feature offering
   SOL’S ANYWHERE… ANYTIME!                                                     you the possibility to manage
                                                                                several orders at the same time.
The entire SOL'S catalogue at your fingertips on your smartphone.
You can also check our stocks in real time.                                                                                        • More complete and dynamic
                                                                                                                                    specification sheets in 8 languages
                                                                                                                                    allowing you to establish quotes in
                                                                                                                                    just a few clicks.

SOL’S ACADEMY                                                                                                          • An area dedicated to your marketing
IMPROVE TO PERFORM!                                                                                                     tools so that all you need is always
                                                                                                                        on hand 24 hours a day.

Totally unique in the industry, SOL’S Academy is a dedicated training module,
freely accessible to you and your sales team, designed to help you every day
and to find the answers to your technical questions about our products or the
customisation techniques.

Become a SOL'S brand ambassador!                                                  A LOGISTICS CENTRE
Improve your knowledge on SOL'S products thanks to the following features         AT YOUR SERVICE
available in each specification sheet:
• a 360° product view                                                          • A 30,000 m² warehouse in Le Havre
• product zooms highlighting their specific features                           • 30 million items in stock: doubtless the largest stock in Europe to enhance our
• care tips                                                                     product availability
• product positioning and advices on its target market                         • An order processing service adapted to your needs (pallets, boxes, bags or
                                                                                single items) with a delivery commitment within 24 hours for France, Belgium
Discover, display and check SOL’S stock in just one click                       and Luxembourg, and order preparation the same day for international                                                              orders.

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